Error google sheets

this error has been happening for a few days.

when I try to change the document or the sheet, nothing appears, I always have to delete the node and recreate it, can someone help me?

sometimes it works as it should.

Hi @LorenzoSbeghen, I am sorry you are having trouble.

Unfortunately you didn’t specify the version of n8n you’re currently using and whether it’s a self-hosted or a cloud instance.

Assume you are self-hosting n8n, is there a chance your authentication expires every seven days (and when re-creating the node you also re-connect your Google account)? If so, I suspect your client application is set up for external use but is currently in testing state. This situation is described here in the Google documentation:

Authorizations by a test user will expire seven days from the time of consent. If your OAuth client requests an offline access type and receives a refresh token, that token will also expire.

To rectify this you’d need to publish your external client or switch to the internal user type within Google’s OAuth2 consent screen settings.


I think this error is not related to credentials, look at the example that I will show below.

I’m on version 1.2.2 self-hosted

when there is no input data, the node does not load documents and sheets.

when I switch to input 1.

it only works when I run the node with data in the input.

Hi @LorenzoSbeghen, I am very sorry but so far I am unable to reproduce this. Even with no input data I can select my sheets:

Is there any chance you could provide a quick example workflow in which this problem occurs? I will be out for a bit myself shortly, but both @Jon and @EmeraldHerald will be here to help if needed.

Hi @LorenzoSbeghen :wave: Even using your workflow as a base on that specific version of n8n, I am still able to select a sheet, just as @MutedJam was doing :thinking:

You mentioned you’re self-hosting, would you happen to have any logs that you might be able to share when this occurs? Can you share your env file details as well (please remove all credentials before posting!) :+1:

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