Error in Course HTTPs node

I was attempting the second workflow in n8n and got an error 500 from the https node. Is it a case of my configurations or an error on your side

Quick suggestion Also.
I saw the for was a type form submission. Why not build an n8n workflow to automate this using the n8n form trigger :smiley: It would be really cool automating the system with the system eg

On the n8n form node, is there a way to remove this

or customize he form to more formats?

Hey @Imperol,

I am not sure I understand what the issue is that you are seeing, Can you go into more detail?

This is what I get

This suggeston is in relation to the use of typeform on the course registration

What are you doing to get that error? It would be handy if you can explain what you are trying to do and how you getting that error.

I was attempting workflow 2 on the course. The HTTP request returns the error below

Hey @Imperol,

I think I have worked it out, If you are going through the level 2 course and loading the data from the URL it looks like you have not set the options in the node correctly and are missing the unique_id header. Try adding this and see if it helps, If this isnโ€™t what you are doing can you share the workflow you have so far and let us know which course you are taking as there is still some guess work going on to try and work out exactly what you are doing.

hi @Jon It works. Thank you

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Perfect, I will make a note to improve the error output on that workflow.

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