Error initializing workflow: credential ID not present

Hey all,

I Have n8n installed on my desktop and it has been working well.

Though I have started to receive an error on all workflows recently

Error initializing workflow: credential ID not present. Please open the workflow and save it to fix this error.

I cant run the workflows and opening and saving them doesn’t seem to help.

I have also searched but cant seem to find anything relating to this error

Hi @samantha.lubbinge, I am very sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Can you confirm how to reproduce this problem?

In general, the error is thrown here and from the looks of it would happen when trying to open a very old workflow with a new version of n8n: n8n/UserManagementHelper.ts at master · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub (in the past, credentials were identified by name only, not by ID).

Did you by any chance upgrade your n8n version recently? What happens when following the advice of opening the affected workflows and then re-saving them?

Thanks so much for your reply @MutedJam,

I think you are right in that there may be outdated workflows. I have copied some from the templates, is it possible that some of those might be outdated?

I have just created a new workflow that seems to be executing fine.

I will definitely look into it more a bit later.

I haven’t updated it (Not sure how to check my current version)

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Oh, this might well be. The templates are workflows shared by community members, that don’t necessarily get updates once published. I agree this is a poor user experience though, perhaps something for @sirdavidoff to look into?

As for the n8n version number, you can view it like so:


Though if this only happens for certain workflow templates I suppose it doesn’t matter too much at this time? Maybe you can confirm which template exactly you were having trouble with? I’ll see if I can reproduce the problem and perhaps update the workflow from my end.