ERROR: invalid input syntax for type date: ""

While trying to this in a postgres node
Execute Query

select, leads.leadName,activitylog.activity,activitylog.rawdata,activitylog.timedate

from activitylog

left join leads

on activitylog.leadname = leads.leadname

where activitylog.timedate > date ‘11/04/2021’ + time ‘01:43:02’

and leads.leadname = ‘[email protected]

order by timedate

limit 1;

I always recieve this error back even tho every time I used it like this it worked

Hi @Andrei_Roberto_Oleni, this error is coming from PostgreSQL and suggests you are sending an empty value for your date type. So the fields you are referencing seem to be empty, at least for some of your input items. Would you be able to provide a simple demo workflow in which this can be reproduced?