Error: No refresh token

I get an “Error: No refresh token” notice when I try to connect to the ClickUp API using OAUTH2.

I didn’t see anything related to this on Github or searching this site.
What do you recommend?

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Just tested and it’s working fine for me. Really weird. Are you still having the issue?

Yes. Here’s an updated screenshot. Could this be a configuration issue?

Hey @Josh_Fialkoff!

I tested this and it works fine for me too. Can you try to re-configure the credentials? Also, you can use the Access Token authentication method with the nodes.

@Josh_Fialkoff yes please try to reconnect the credentials. That can be done by opening the credentials and then pressing on the orange button with the arrow left of “Connected”.
Screenshot from 2020-12-04 08-55-18

If that does not work please create new credentials and connect them.

This error is a little bit confusing as according to their documentation the access token should never expire:
Screenshot from 2020-12-04 08-59-11
Here the link:

The refresh token does however only get used if the API returns a 401 which means “unauthorized”. It gets returned if the used access-token is not valid anymore. Which like linked above, should not happen. The error message makes sense as they probably do not return a refresh-token if access-tokens do not expire as they are not needed.
Anyway so for me, it looks like they either expire after all or there is maybe something else at play. Do not know ClickUp but do they have for example a sophisticated user-management where it can be restricted what each account is allowed to do? Because if you do something that you are not allowed to do they maybe return also 401 instead of the normal for that correct 403. But just grasping at straws here.