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Hello all,

I noticed that on code blocks in which I insert the JSON definition of a flow are not displayed. Is this an interpretation error from md or am I too stupid to write it?

Below should actually show code:

But you don’t see it…
It’s a direct insert from n8n UI.

For fun I just used the Edge (Chromium).
Nice. You can see the workflow.

But in Firefox I see nothing! Maybe a hint/alternative text would be useful here, that one gets that Firefox is not supported for this.

Hey @BillAlex,

What are you not seeing? I can see the workflow from Firefox and Chrome :thinking:

I did find that a few times I had to do a full refresh.

@jon :astonished:

I see that:

Firefox still had something in cache. A hard-reload has now overwritten this and I see now the workflow also in Firefox.

Sorry for the disturbance …

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No worries, I was the person internally that it didn’t work for on any of my browsers.

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