Error on mailerlite trigger unresolved

Can we get an update here:

We built a lot of our business on the fact that this trigger would work.

It is a simple update to the base url I believe…


Hi @Tyler_Cowie, from reviewing the bug ticket associated with this thread it seems @Jon was trying to get in touch with Mailerlite about this but had a hard time reaching someone. @Jon, did you have any luck since?

I remember this one, Trying to get hold of Mailerlite seems to be tricky. From the testing I did before the MailerLite API playground also has issues when trying to use the webhook endpoints so I suspect they have now dropped the classic API option but I can’t find anything to support this.

If this is the case we will need to figure out if anything breaks on the new api or if it keeps everything else working.

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I saw the new api base url in my instance:

Here is the link it references:

Hey @Tyler_Cowie,

I also spotted that but they also have the legacy api still referenced and I was not able to find any information on if the legacy api is now shutdown.

I will do some testing on the newer api to see if that works as a direct replacement.

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