Error on page load


Has anyone seen this kind of error?!
It happens sometimes on page load (when switching from workflow to workflow or switching between historical executions). After refresh it usually goes back to normal.

Version 1.15.2
Error message:
Init Problem
There was a problem initializing the workflow:
Cannot destructure property ‘name’ of ‘n’ as it is undefined.

Error screenshot:

Console error:

From the Console logs, it looks like the problem is with the many nodes (Item Lists, Hubspot, HTTP Request, Postgres).
Also in the logs, we can see Array.forEach mentioned and I have seen “Init Problem” just like above with “forEach” mentioned (if I catch that, will update the post):

Hey @Emils_Bisenieks,

That looks like something has gone very wrong, Can you tell us more about how you have n8n configured and if you are using Cloudflare to minimise anything can you disable that?

Hi @Jon ,

We use a docker instance and a Postgres database which is outside the instance. The cloudflare proxy and caching is disabled for this subdomain. I removed traefik from the build, as we have multiple docker instances on this server which are handled by nginx proxy.


Hey @Daniil_K,

Do you get the same issue if you hit the IP directly bypassing the reverse proxy and everything else?

Hi Jon,

Sorry for the late reply - I was on holidays. We reconfigured the server and allowed access directly to the IP:port of n8n. We will use it for the next days to see if we can replicate the issue without nginx in the middle.


@Jon Here is the error without nginx in the middle:

In the first comment I said that I have seen some other errors, and here is one of them - DisplayOptions (also without nginx in the middle):
Init Problem
There was a problem initializing the workflow:
Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘displayOptions’)

Sometimes after going back to the main list, the list items don’t appear:

Hey @Emils_Bisenieks,

Can you try in private browsing mode with no plugins enabled? I would have expected something like this to impact a lot of users if it was something in n8n directly :thinking:

Can you tell me more about your configuration of n8n?

I tried incognito mode and also uninstalled all extensions, but problems still happened. I will try reinstall the browser, will update soon

Hey @Jon! I updated Chrome and the problems are gone, I haven’t caught those kind of errors anymore

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