Error on "Read Binary Files" node, File size is greater than 2 GB

Hello! I am new to using n8n, I am self-hosting and using n8n via docker. I am trying to run a workflow with the end goal of uploading a video to YouTube. In all of the examples I see for the YouTube node, the “Read Binary File” node must precede the YouTube node in order to upload. My workflow is failing on the “Read Binary Files” node with the error “ERROR: File size (5632971432) is greater than 2 GB”. The file is indeed ~5.6GB, my question is: is there any way around this file size limit? Is this documented anywhere? I was unable to find anything about this limit. Is there another way to use the YouTube node that doesn’t involve the “Read Binary Files” node?

Thanks in advance!

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Where is the file? If you are trying to grab the file from the same machine where you are running n8n, you have to use the read binary file.

The 2GB size limitation it’s the NodeJS max file size by default. Not sure if this can be overridden. @jan might have a better insight.

No nothing can be changed. The answer I gave in the post you linked above explains the current limitations.

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