My workflow command node is intended to open MS Edge browser. That works fine when I have started n8n manually via npx. But when I start n8n automatically via task scheduler then this node creates an error “”.
It seems that autostart n8n creates a chromium instance. Then calling Edge wants to create a new chromium instance and that does not work.
Any ideas?

n8n installation:

  1. I have installed n8n via npm.
  2. I have configured task scheduler to start n8n automatically at system start: “%ProgramFiles%\nodejs\npx.cmd” n8n
    Both according to Install n8n - Open Source Workflow Automation - on Windows - YouTube.

Error Message:
Command failed: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe” [13464:18280:1118/125617.249:] Lock file can not be created! Error code: 32 [13464:18280:1118/] Failed to create a ProcessSingleton for your profile directory. This means that running multiple instances would start multiple browser processes rather than opening a new window in the existing process. Aborting now to avoid profile corruption.


Hey @pghahrem,

This doesn’t look like an n8n error and is more than likely down to Windows permissions, When you created the scheduled task what user is it running under? From what I remember if you leave it as local system you can run into issues when a process tries to call another application as it has no profile it can write to.

If you try changing the schedule to run as your account and give it desktop access it might do the job.

Hi Jon, thank you for your input. I am running the task with the same user like the logon user. It’s the administrator user. I’ve no idea what to change. Best regards.

I tried now task configuration with option “only execute when user is logged on” and it is working. But I need to have n8n running also when user is not logged on with option “execute independently from logon”. And that one is not working. So you’re right, it’s a user/permission topic. But how to solve it?

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Hey @pghahrem,

One possible solution might be to make a user that is always logged in or if you have a server run n8n as a service with npm / pm2 or docker.

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I am using two users on the computer. So this solution is not possible in my case. But thanks to your hint I made a big step forward in understanding the problem. Thanks alot.

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