ERROR: The first argument must be of type string or an instance of Buffer, ArrayBuffer, or Array or an Array-like Object. Received undefined

I have a flow that does this

Function 3 feed this into the edit image node

But I’m getting the error

Any thoughts? It’s working earlier, no changes other than refreshing the page

The error would suggest data is empty, did you use the expression builder or just type in data?

the input is jsut left as data

this is the output from the previous node

i think i might have found the issue, one of the images is SVG, whereas all the others are png.

I had not planned for that, somehow i now need to replace/convert the svg before it gets to that point in the flow.

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i cant see any easy way to convert it , so might have to do a .replace somehow for any image starting with the base64 that is SVG

Hey @RedPacketSec,

Did you find the solution? Let us know if you need help :slight_smile: