Error: "This plug-in is not supported" Message on Chrome / Mac OS to preview Spreadsheet Binary file

the preview of the spreadsheet does not work on my Mac. Is this a known problem and something I can fix somehow?


Hey Chris,

I tested this with the Read to file option, and I get the data. However, I can confirm that the binary file is not visible on Mac. For now, you can use the Spreadsheet File node with the Read from file operation to view the data.

Ah yes, that is sadly a known problem. All n8n does is to tell the browser display file X of type Y. Depending on the browser, operating system, and installed plugins it can then display that data or not. In the future, we can improve that and have to then special modules for different data types in n8n. But even then would the coverage never be perfect.

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Thanks Harshil, that does work for me to get a preview for the time being without sending data to the webhook.

@jan no worries. Would it be possible to download the binary to the local file system for testing?

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Good point. That is actually something we should add and make so much simpler. Are you self-hosting n8n? Then you can use the Write Binary File node. If not you would sadly really either have to save it to something like Dropbox, NextCloud or send it via email.

Hi Jan,
yes I’m self hosting on a digital ocean droplet. Write Binary File would store it on the server and I’d have to download it from there to my client (e.g. for an Excel File). Right now I post a file to Discord but that’s not suitable for all types of files. A download button on the binary preview/result page would probably be a solution?

Easiest right now would be to upload to Dropbox/Google Drive Folder which syncs with my Mac. Thanks for this suggestion!


Yes agree with the download button. Already wrote yesterday a team member because of that to get it started.


Awesome! Looking forward to that feature being released.

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