Error Trigger Node issue in manual and integrated mode

Hi, I have three workflows.

workflow (1) has an Execute Workflow Node which will execute the second workflow (2).

The third workflow is an error workflow with Error Trigger Node, this workflow should be executed if any of the above workflows fail.

I have changed from the settings of both workflow(1) and workflow(2) and set the Error workflow to workflow(3).

Unfortunately workflow(1) was executed manually with an error but workflow(3) didnt trigger, and workflow(2) was executed in integrated mode with an error but but workflow(3) didnt trigger.

Is the Error Trigger Node works only if the execution mode is trigger only ?

Hi @sultan, this would be the expected behaviour. This is described in our documentation:

The Error Trigger node is designed to get triggered only when the monitored workflow gets executed automatically. This means you can’t test this (to see the result of) an error workflow while executing the monitored workflow manually.

So if you’re testing your error workflow rather than your actual workflow, you could (temporarily) add a generic trigger like the cron node and then activate your workflow.