Error trigger node - send slack message

Hello again,

I currently have a workflow which sends a message when the workflow started and updates that message when the workflow has successfully completed. like this


Is there any way to update that same message if for any reason the workflow stops or runs into an error?

currently i have another workflow with an error trigger to send a new message, but you need the ts ID to update that message and is there anyway to get that while being in another workflow? preferably i would like to have it in the same workflow that way it can get the data that it needs?

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-latest version runnning on docker container

Hey Josh,
that is an interesting use case. The only thing I can think of right of the box is using the workflow execution ID to save your ts ID, e. g. to a file. If your workflow errors you can use it’s execution ID to get your ts ID.


very creative!

I like the sound of this, but it would be nice if you could go into a little more detail about how I can pick this file up. just like a write binary file to save the ts from previous workflow β†’ read binary file get that ts id and pass it onto an slack update node is that right?

How can i access the execution ID data?

Hi Josh,
to get the execution id you can use this expression


Here is a sample workflow using the execution id to save json data to a file.

In your error workflow you could use the execution id to read the json file.

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