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I have several workflows I’ve set up with the below settings and have errored a couple of times, but this flow is not running. If I try to active the error workflow it says there are no workflow triggers that require activation.

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Hi @Philip_Wiggins

Are the workflow and error workflow owned by the same user?
The log should show you an error with the authorization if that isn’t the case.

Different workflow owners, but I don’t see anything saying that it couldn’t authenticate, but after you mentioned that I looked into the settings of the error workflow and found this. It was set to Workflows Created by Me so hopefully this resolves the issue.

Awesome, didnt even know that setting existed. Very interesting.
would love to hear about the result.

(must have read over it every time I opened this settings menu)

So apparently using that option does NOT work.

This is the Setting for my flow that had an error

In my previous comment, the error flow itself is set to be called by any workflow, but the flow is still NOT being triggered.

It’s a simple workflow and works if I manually trigger it. Also in previous comment.

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Thank you Philip! I was able to reproduce the problem using the information provided and have added it to our engineering backlog for a fix.

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Just cross-posting here from Specific Error workflow does not work - #8 by MutedJam. A fix for this problem should come out with the next release :slight_smile:

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