Error: Undefined Variables further down the workflow (IF Statement)

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I am getting info from two different google sheets, I have added an if statement to check whether something exists or not.

After I have added the if statement, the fields that I have mapped are shown as undefined. I have tried various things, but it simply looks like I cannot use anything behind the if statement?

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I might have shot early here.

I am very new to N8N. Looking to switch from make (integromat).

The last execution ran without a problem.

Could it be, that it was because of the sample data in my test execution?
If it would not run through that path it also shows that there is no data available for this particular node?

Hey @Lars_Langenstuck,

That could be it, It is hard to say without seeing the data output from the nodes though.

Yeah it was definitely that.

Everything is working as expected. I just needed to get used to n8n’s interface and how things are handled.

But it’s truly amazing.

The extra power that comes with just the code block (and many other features are just a game changer for me right now.

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