Error when copy object to using node s3

Hello everyone,

I encountered a hostname/IP mismatch error while trying to access the file2.txt on the Amazon S3 service ( The error message states that the hostname is not listed in the certificate’s alternative names, which include DNS entries such as, *,, and others.

I’m seeking assistance in understanding and resolving this error. How can I rectify the mismatch issue and access the desired file successfully? Has anyone encountered a similar problem before?

Information on your n8n setup

n8n Version: 0.181.2

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Hi @leosantosx, I am sorry you’re having trouble.

I just gave this a quick go on my end using the current version of n8n. This is my file listing:

Copying also works as expected, provided I start the path with a slash /:

Perhaps you could adding the leading slash on your end and confirm if you’re still seeing this problem? If so, could you also give this a go with the current version of n8n?

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