Error while deploying custom image of n8n

Can you please try just docker run -it --rm -p 5678:5678 n8n-custom:latest?
Also, can you please share a screenshot of ls -l ~/.n8n?


Hi @netroy,
docker run -it --rm -p 5678:5678 n8n-custom:latest this command did work.
I am attaching the screenshot for ls -l ~/.n8n command.
I need one more help. I want to run on specific IP or domain name then where do we need to change parameter.


That seems to confirm the suspicion that neither your .n8n folder nor the volume are writable by the user n8n process is running as.
The correct solution would be to chown -R on the volume, but if you can’t do that, you can also instead comment out the last USER node line in the Dockerfile, and rebuilt the image.

Hi @MutedJam / @netroy,
Thank you so much for you help in dockerizing n8n. I am able to dockerize n8n.
Can you please help me on how to start n8n in development mode in docker. Like now every time if I made any change in code then I have to make custom docker file and run the docker again.


Hi @MutedJam / @netroy,
Can you please suggest if any way is there to run the docker in development mode without need of creating custom image after every change in code.

Thanks & Regards,

Hey @abhilash, I have not tried this yet and I don’t think my docker knowledge is good enough to predict exactly what would happen and how to best approach this I am afraid.

I know some folks in the team are thinking about making it easier to customize n8n but I don’t think there are any detailed plans (or an ETA) yet.

Thanks you so much @MutedJam for your input.

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