Error Workflow not triggering in a multi container set up

I previously raised this question: Error Workflow Not Triggered but was unable to get a solid answer, so I decided to rebuild the simplest possible n8n configuration and try again.

Running n8n as a single container, using the standard SQLite database, I am able to get the expected behaviour of the error trigger nodes and error workflows.

However, the current setup I have does not allow error workflows to trigger correctly. The set up is as follows:

  • PostgresDB
  • Execution mode = queue (using redis)
  • 4 containers - 1 main process, 1 webhook and 2 workers

I have a separate URL for the webhook container and for the main process.
My workflows fire correctly, as do the webhooks. However, as mentioned, when an error is triggered, the error workflows are not firing at all. I cannot see any logs regarding starting an error workflow being called, even with the log level set to debug

I suspect I have misconfigured something but I am not sure what is missing. I would appreciate any advice or tips regarding this configuration

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Just tested this and I can confirm that there seems to be an issue. Thanks a lot for reporting! We will check it out and fix asap.


Fix got released with [email protected]

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