Errors received trying to install community nodes

Hello all, I am new to n8n is and I am just testing the waters to see how much effort it is to support running my own small node. I install locally using my machine and I am trying to install a community node but I keep getting errors on any node I try to run. The first node I was trying to install was the langchain node so I click on community node and I found the npm module so when I attempt to install the node [email protected] I get an error that says an error occured check logs, not sure where to check the logs on docker. Error loading package "n8n-nodes-nostrobots" :Package could not be installed - check logs for details

Hey @divineartis,

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The LangChain node package is not intended to be installed so we would expect that to fail, The only way to use those nodes at the moment would be to use the special build of n8n that has support for the new node types.

With the n8n-nodes-nostrobots node you are trying to install it looks like if you were trying to run it in Docker on an Arm based machine it would fail (Problem with installation · Issue #5 · ocknamo/n8n-nodes-nostrobots · GitHub)

As a test could you try something like n8n-nodes-rss-feed-trigger, n8n-nodes-badges or n8n-nodes-document-generator and let me know if any of those fail?

If you wanted to look into the nostrobots node a bit more checking the docker logs might show you where it is going wrong so you can file a bug with the creator of the node.


Thank you for your help, I installed docker on my intel machine and it worked fine. I do have a question the special setup for Langchain node can you please point me to that documentation. As I am trying to use the template “agent chat” http://localhost:5678/templates/1954

Once again so appreciative to your help and your quick response.

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