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I had a huge workflow and I disected it into 3 parts. 2 child worflows and a Parent workflow where I am a calling the 2 child workflows, the problem is that when I execute the parent workflow it complains about the nodes that am referencing in the 2 child workflows. So I wanna know HOW CAN I USE THE NODES ON THE CHILD WORFLOWS IN THE PARENT WORKFLOW?

That is sadly not possible as they are totally separate workflows. If you need data from a sub-workflow in the parent workflow, you have to return that data with the last node in the sub-workflow so that it makes it back into that parent one.

Btw. that is not a bug. It works like that on purpose. Because of the decoupling of the workflows, it is for example possible to process huge amounts of data by offloading heavy parts to sub-workflows.

I hope that makes sense.

Okay thanks, any alternatuve way that I can use for this

You are welcome.

The only way is sadly what I described above. Making sure that the data you require in the parent workflow is available in the last node that does get executed in the sub-workflow. Because all of that data will make it back into the parent-workflow as the output of the Execute workflow node and you can then reference it there. Does that make sense?

Here also the docs.

Yes that makes sense thank you, So what if i wanna reference a node in a child or subworkflow? I am not sure if am missing the point here

The point is that it is not possible :wink:

The only data you can access in the parent workflow is what the sub-workflow returns, which is the data of the last node. Nothing else. Meaning you have to make sure that all data you need in the parent workflow does get returned by the sub-workflow.

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