Executing a node If everything is False or True

Hey everybody. Happy to be here and to be using N8N.

I’m a no-code person because I never took the time to learn it and that make using N8N a bit more difficult for me.

The goal of this workflow is to create a new Person in Pipedrive from Mailerlite only if he is not already in it (not creating him twice)

That may be a really simple task but I’m stuck on it.

I’m gonna explain the process :

Trigger mailerlite : When a Person is created

mailerlite : Get person data

Pipedrive : Get all person data

Set : Stock the pipedrive all person data

SplitIn : Make the data go one by one

If id mail : Compare the email adress of the created person to a email of a person in pipedrive.
If TRUE (email = email ) then do nothing because the person is already there.
If False, I’m stuck here, because I need to know if any is true because if none is true I can make a new Person but If only one is True then I cannot make it.

I was wondering If I could maybe use something to count the number of time it is false and if there is a difference between the number of data in Set and the number of data in False then that mean that 1 person is True. But I’m pretty sure that cause a problem when multiple people are created at the same time and I’m not even sure it is possible.

If you have any suggestion please, maybe I’m missing an obvious thing.

Hey @Come!

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Here are a few things that might help you:

  1. You don’t need the Split In Batches node. n8n will process all the incoming data. Let’s say Pipedrive returns 10 items, n8n will process all the 10 items one-by-one.
  2. The condition in the first IF node checks if the user is already in your Pipedrive or not. If they are not, you can directly connect the false output to the Pipedrive Node to add new users there. You don’t need another IF node unless there’s any other condition that you want to check.

Let me know if this helps :slight_smile:

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Hey, thank you for your reply.

  1. When I try removing the Split In Batches node it actually won’t process the incoming data line by line but rather in groups while taking the first one as its value.

In this example one of the value was TRUE but it did not pass it through TRUE.



  1. It is not a solution to my problem. My question was probably not clear enough excuse for that and i’m having trouble explaining it :pensive:.

Let say I have a new Person in Mailerlite.

I check if it is in Pipedrive by comparing email. (email=email)

If true I don’t create it because he is already there

But If False I don’t create it either because I first need to check if they are any true. Because if they are any Tue that mean that the Person is already in Pipedrive.
The IF process as much data as they are Person in Pipedrive so I will always get False.

Please tell me if this is still a bad explanation ahaha, I’m doing my best !

May I know what comparison you’re making in the second IF node? Unfortunately, the image you’ve shared isn’t very clear and I can’t read it

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Thank you for the following.

I just found a way around my problem by using a completly different method. I’m thankfull that you helped me. The methods that I tried to use was overcomplicated for nothing.

If anybody find this sub, in order for Mailerlite to reconize that someone is already in Pipedrive, you can add another value in a custom fields when someone is in Pipedrive ( for example 1 ) then update the Mailerlite Person with it, and when creating a subscriber, if this subscriber does not have the value ( here 1 ) then you can create it because you are sure he is not in Pipedrive.

Pipedrive work like a charm while Mailerlite lacks some integration with n8n, that’s why it is weird to use it.

Excuse me for the picture, I actually don’t have a better quality of it and I modified the workflow.

The first If is for comparing the 2 emails adresses.

I’m still interested in knowing why the IF node does not compare emails adresses line by line.

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I am glad you found a solution and thank you for sharing it!

I now understand why you’re the second IF node. In this scenario I would use the Merge node. If you want, I am doing a live session on our Discord server today (in about an hour). I can show you how it can be done with the Merge node there :slight_smile:

It would also be very helpful if you can create a feature request and explain the missing functionalities. Don’t forget to upvote that :wink:

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