Executing google sheets node gives an error

I’ve set up the Google credentials as mentioned in the documentations, but I still get an error when executing the Google Sheets node…

Google Sheets API has not been used in project XXXXXXXX before or it is disabled. Enable it by visiting https://console.developers.google.com/apis/api/sheets.googleapis.com/overview?project=XXXXXXXX then retry. If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry.","status":"PERMISSION_DENIED","details":

What all is required to make this work? I am setting this up for a client and don’t have access, so I have to ask client to make all the permission level changes. Seems like everytime I fix something, some new permission request comes through for Google node.


Honestly do not understand. You say that you followed the documentation and you get this error? Because that would be very strange as step 23 - 26 is exactly doing what is apparently still missing in your case:

To your question “What all is required to make this work?”. Exactly the things which are documented on the page above.

If you want to tell us that this process is extremely annoying, then I agree with you to 100%. But the best cause of action would be to either

  • use n8n.cloud there you can authenticate via OAuth2 with the push of a button
  • complain at Google as we can sadly not do anything against it.

Hey Ruchika!

Did you enable the Google Sheets API? Also, as Jan mentioned, if you’re using n8n.cloud, you can use the OAuth authentication method and sign in by clicking on the Sign in with Google button.

I am doing this for a client and doing it through OAuth2 didn’t seem the right way to do it for updating a CRM. I can’t comment on how Google makes this difficult but there are some aspects which could be made simpler for the end user.

For eg; the Google sheet that I’m accessing, I don’t think I saw any instructions about adding the service account email to the sheet. However, I saw it as a suggestion on the forum when I got stuck after all the configuration.

With regards to the Private Key too, only when I looked up the forum did I know that the “\n” needed to be removed. Yes, I saw it’s a note in the instructions but I really was going by the video and I don’t think it mentioned so.

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This is great feedback, @ruchikaabbi — noted. Many thanks!

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