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I am a little unclear how the execution flow works in n8n workflows. My Airtable returns a list of customers. For each customer, I would like to pull some data from Shopify (HTTP node). Then, for each customer, I would like to update the original Airtable record. It looks like the item lists node is intended for this, but I am not sure where to insert it. My current workflow throws an error at the final update Airtable module, I think because it thinks I am trying to update the field on one Airtable record with an array of values.

Any guidance much appreciated.

Hey @fredericolawson,

Don’t forget to fill out the template :slightly_smiling_face:

What error are you getting from the node?

Hi @Jon

The error I get on my update customer record node is below. My best guess is it’s because I am trying to update a single Airtable record with an array of values - where instead I want to be updating a series of Airtable records with a string value. My mental reference is using make.com, where, when a node returns a list of values, the workflow will iterate through each item in the list - but that doesn’t seem to be how n8n works?


Hi @fredericolawson, your mental modal is correct: n8n does iterate over each node for every item. I think what’s wrong with your node here might be that the data type is not fitting to how you set your AT up maybe? Maybe the customer ID in your flow is a string and AT only accepts a number (or vice-versa).

@Niklas_Hatje you were completely right, thank you!!

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