Execution History question

I have created a workflow with a cron that is set every 10 minutes but am I seeing executions from history that are not every 10 minutes and have shorter intervals, others have the same time execution?

Here is the execution history screenshot:

Hehe is the workflow screenshot:

Hey @daniel.o,

What version of n8n are you running and how do you have it deployed? Are you able to share the workflow as well? The screenshot looks ok but having the workflow shared will let us see how each node is configured as well.

This is the version:

I don’t know how to share this. I only have this option from the side menu:

Hey @daniel.o,

It would be a case of clicking download on the top right or doing a copy and paste.


here it is.

Hey @daniel.o,

Nothing looks odd there, Are you running in queue mode at all?

Hmm how do I know I’m running on queue mode?

If you don’t know you’re probably not using queue mode :wink:. It requires a lot of configuration so probably doesn’t happen by accident.

Could you try upgrading to the latest n8n version 0.203.1 (if you are not using the n8n desktop app), remove the old Cron node and add the new Schedule node? It would be good to see if this problem has been rectified by the new node already.