Execution note or tag for execution histories

As I already have around 45000 executions in the recent project I am working on, It’s really getting difficult to reach the right execution I am searching for.
And I am sure others also are facing the same issue.

So my question is,
Is it possible to set some execution note or tag for during/at the end of the execution so that we can see the note or tag in the execution history and find the one we are looking for quickly?

Maybe we can create a node called “Execution data,” and we can manually set data to that node which will be added to the execution history.
This way, it will give the user flexibility to use it at his will.

And a filter option in the execution history to be able to search easily.
For example, if a user wants to check executions for X scenario, he/she will add ScenarioX or whatever he/she desires in the note and be able to filter by it easily.

What do you think?