Exploring Business Potential with n8n: Share Your Strategies and Experiences!

Hello everyone,

I’m new to the world of RPA and I’ve got my eyes on n8n as a game-changer for businesses in the future.

I’m curious if anyone here has experience with using n8n for their business. It would be great to hear about your strategies, how you make it work, and how pricing fits in. I’ve looked around online, but most of the info is about other RPA tools like UI Path or Blueprism, not so much about n8n.

I’m thinking, maybe the n8n team could create a video interview about this? Something not too technical, more about how n8n actually helps businesses. And it could be cool to learn how n8n can be used alongside the big RPA softwares.

Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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@luisg would be the best person to reply here :slight_smile:

Hey @chrisade,

Personally I wouldn’t refer to n8n as an RPA solution in the same way that I wouldn’t call Managed File Transfer products RPA solutions.

I know technically it is all automation but to me RPA has that extra part where it can fully automate a user, Platforms like n8n are more around creating automations that can run in a background that don’t really require a user input or to interact with a desktop.

Around 3 years ago before I started working here I was looking into different RPA solutions and how they can also interact with automation platforms as well as I don’t believe there is one solution that could do everything. For me the pairing I came up with was RocketBot and n8n, It might be nice one day to produce some content on how n8n can help companies on their RPA journey and now with the rise of AI models as well it is really going to change how businesses work.


Hey @chrisade

I’m part of the marketing team at n8n, and we’re working on some case studies about how businesses use n8n and what they automate. We’ll start this as a newsletter, but we’re planning to do video interviews too in the future.

Most of our content focuses on the technical side of things and how-tos. It’s true we haven’t covered much about the real-life problems our customer solve (there are so many!).

I’m really interested to hear about your experience with n8n at MotoPress. Have you automated anything cool lately?

Absolutely, I understand your point. While n8n might not fit the traditional RPA mold completely, I’ve compared it to UIPath and identified one area where n8n falls short: handling desktop interactions like clicking on websites. However, with some user input or assistance, solutions like using Python scripts with PyAutoGUI or Selenium can fill the gap. While not as seamless as dedicated RPA, it’s doable and showcases n8n’s adaptability :+1:

On a broader note, I’m in Germany and aware of the EU Government’s “Open Source” Strategy. Just as Nextcloud is now integrated in EU Government operations, n8n’s versatility and potential make it a great candidate for open-source automation. Aligning with the EU’s open-source approach, n8n could contribute effectively to public sector automation while staying in line with their technology goals :rocket:

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What a nice plan. I’m looking forward to these newsletters.

Recently, I assisted a small hotel in Weimar, Germany, in automating post-booking processes. This shift has practically eliminated the need for onsite staff, except for the “Breakfast and Cleaning” team. Guests now receive a detailed email with directions to their rooms upon confirmation. Additionally, on their arrival day, guests receive both an email and an SMS containing the key code. :partying_face:

To enhance personalization, we’ve integrated OpenAI to identify whether guests are male or female based on their names. This enables us to use “Sehr geehrte Frau” or “Sehr geehrter Herr” in our communications. This automation has greatly improved the guest experience in the hospitality sector. :star_struck:

By the way, I’m currently using VikBooking, not MotoPress :slightly_smiling_face:

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