Good morning all,

First of all I want to specify that I am new to ec n8n and that I do not know anything in code

I have a problem with an expression

I would like to replace a description with the same one but without a specific text

Example :



And I would simply like to remove the Aaaa how can I do knowing that the Bbbb is dynamic because I knew how to remove the Aaaa hard but then it is a predefined text and not dynamic

Hey @Lionel1, welcome to the community :tada:

I am not sure I fully understand the challenge you’re currently facing. With bbbb being dynamic would you be able to elaborate a bit on the data you currently have in your n8n workflow? What data are your nodes returning and how would you like to change it?


For your information, I asked the question also in French.

I use youtube nodes, my concern is that I use software that puts this in my descriptions and I would like to automate the fact that when I make a video the description updates without their advertising

As in the photo, I have the full description, I would just have to exclude several words from the description.