Extend G Suite Admin node (Google Workspaces) to support roles

Would be useful to have a Google Workspace Admin node, primarily for CRUDing users tied to a Google Workspace. Primary usecase would be HR automation (on/offboarding).

To start, would be most useful to have:

  • CRUD User (incl. roles)
  • CRUD Roles

Those would be most useful to start (with User being more useful than Role, if deciding on MVP scope).

We have such a node, but it’s called G Suite Admin. Google recently rebranded it as Google Workspaces. We have to add this name to the codex (to make it searchable) or rename it to Google Workspaces and add G Suite Admin to the codex instead.

Currently have the resources: group and user. The only thing missing would be roles.

Leaving the links below for future reference in case someone is also searching for “Google Workspaces.”