Extension of the ActiveCampaign node


I am a new user of n8n and thank you to the whole team and contributors for this wonderful tool.

We are an ActiveCampaign user and I wanted to create a new workflow to create a new user in ActiveCampaign.
So I created the user by adding a specific tag and associating it with an account.

Unfortunately I did not find this operation in the available list.

I am dev but never participated in an OpenSource project.
I propose to add these operations to the node.

I have read the CONTRIBUTING.md file. I started to code these operations.
What are the next steps to contribute to n8n?

Thank you

Welcome to the community @vanitom

Thanks a lot for the nice words, is very appreciated.

Great to hear that you want to start to contribute to n8n! After you wrote the code, and are happy with the result you can create a Pull-Request. A very good guide on how all of that works can be found here:

I hope it helps. If not simply get back to us.