Extract 2nd value (class) from extracted HTML

Hi @xewonder, I believe what @Jon meant here was getting a suitable selector like so, after right-clicking on the container of the respective table:

Personally, I would approach this data extraction task roughly as described here (extracting each table row individually, then wrapping them into a basic HTML structure again to then extract the individual cell values). Or as a workflow:

This would produce a result like this:

You can of course beautify this a bit more (for example by replacing the status text with something more readable such as just “Open” and “Closed”), or by throwing away the second date if you don’t need it. But it should hopefully help you get started.

To get the slopes data, simply replace LIFTS with SLOPES on the first HTML Extract (“Extract lifts table”) node.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions on this :slight_smile: