Extract img from json file

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Through rss feed I got json file with body, title and url, in content contains image, I want to parse the image url so that I can send link image in my next work, I never learn any code so this problem is hard for me.

This is the json file I got

"title": ".......",
"link": "http://apnews.com------",
"pubDate": "Sun, 13 Feb 2022 14:23:01 +0800",
"content": "<div><i>2022-02-13 00:48:43</i></div><div><img src="https://storage.googleapis.com/afs-prod/media/91bc2a723250422a9881eab993049d24/800.jpeg"></div><div><small style="color: #999;"><p>

I wish I could get the image URL so I could insert it into the text

Welcome to the community @cong!

The image URL can be extracted with the HTML Extract node and the following settings:

Here is an example workflow: