Facebook Leads Ads Credencial

Hey guys,

I’m trying to use the Facebook Lead Ads node, but I couldn’t find how to add the credential in the documentation. Can anyone who has already done this configuration guide me?

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hi @htnrodrigues
here are some guidelines on how to set up your Facebook Lead Ads app:

  1. Start from Bei Facebook anmelden
  2. In “Create an App” you can pick “Select Other”
  3. In the next step “Select App Type”, you can pick “none”
  4. In your newly created Facebook app you need to add the Facebook Login produce
  5. Then paste the redirect URL you find in the Facebook Lad Ads credentials (parameter “OAuth Redirect URL”) in the field “Valid OAuth Redirect URIs”
  6. Switch app to Live to start receiving events (in top bar)

Hint: You can use the lead test tool Bei Facebook anmelden to easily trigger events for testing

I hope this helps!
Let me know if you need more support



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