Facebook needs more nodes

Hi, I use facebook every day, and you just have graph api node
Facebook has so much interesting elements for nodes:

  1. Facebook fanpage: notifications, post, lead…
  2. Facebook group: member, comment, admin…
  3. Facebook account: notifications, post, contact…
  4. Facebook ads
  5. Facebook chat

Hi @cmdntd987!

Max from n8n here. Just wanted to let you know that I have recently spec’d out a Facebook Pages node and the V1 will first focus on covering actions related to posts (creating, updating them) and modifying page info. A Facebook Ads node is also backlogged pending specification.

Could you please give a bit more detail on usecases/ specific things that you would like to do with these nodes? This will help us when ironing out the coverage of initial versions.

I’ve also “upvoted” this request as I agree it would be good to have more Facebook platform coverage. If any other community members are also wanting these nodes, please do upvote as we take this into account when prioritizing our backlog. Cheers!


When I used on zapier, I pay attention to 3 main zaps:

Facebook fanpage: this node should have features for admin fanpage. Fanpage is important for admin to publish informations like posts [basic, link, image, video, schedule, event, notes], follow new notifications [new messages, new comments, new likes - this help me invite user to like fanpage]. In case, I can’t reply directly on admin system, I could use notifications to link to facebook manager to reply on facebook.

Facebook group: this node should focus on manage members and filter spam posts. As I know, facebook only allows api to post to groups you have admin permission. This means your node should not be like spamer in group as facebook requested. But group admins take so many time to admin members [join, invite, accept, notification of tags, user permission like fanpage, fake user], and filter posts [block livestream, spam links]. Zapier did not developed for groups when I used, so I have not much experience.

Facebook notifications: I want to build some features could listen social like facebook. When there are some places I need to reply, I need a notification of this. Some apps make better like “Smooch”, which help you reply directly on slack, email or your systems. But when I have notification filters which is good enough, I could link to right place to reply or take so many actions on facebook manager.

My facebook user/wall: I just pay attention to this because it help me receive notifications through email. But when I tested, email notifications are so bad, missed or late… So I think api notifications is much better. Anyway, I just want to manage my fb user by myself.

Facebook ads: the most important is target audience. But I see n8n had graph api node


Thanks @cmdntd987 a lot for the detailed response. I will make sure your usecases above are taken into consideration when we develop and test the nodes :love_you_gesture:

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Very useful can be integration with Facebook Lead Ads.

Regards, Pawel.

Facebook lead ads integration is really important for creating a marketing automation workflow.