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Hi all,

I read most of the posts but I can’t find a response.

Is it possible to link the trigger Facebook to a personal Facebook account (not a page) ?
My goal is to read posts from different Facebook groups.

Thank you very much for your help

Hi @romeo_roy :wave:

I just signed up for a brand new Facebook account to test, and it looks like this should be possible - you’ll still have to create a developer app to get your credentials, but you can also then specify that you want updates from a user afterwards. I didn’t make a business account, and was able to connect just fine :bowing_man: Not sure if that’s the answer you were looking for!

Hi @EmeraldHerald, thank you for testing with a new account. I’m going to re-test your solution because I though that we need to use a Facebook page.

  1. Are you able to read posts from Facebook groups linked to your new personal account ? The goal is to grap automatically the new posts from Facebook groups that I follow.
  2. Is is possible to be alerted when someone adds a comment on my post ? The goal is to respond to comments on my post automatically.

Sorry for all the questions but it will really help me. I was stuck with the Facebook page. I think there are a lot of restrictions on Facebook.

Thank you

Ah @romeo_roy it seems I lead you astray here - while you can absolutely quickly make an account, I can’t pull posts outside of a page :man_facepalming: I tried pulling updates from my general account / profile updates, and no dice. I’m really sorry about that :sob:

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@EmeraldHerald, thank you.
I confirm that we need to use a Facebook page

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