Facebook Post Automation - Using a Android VM, MacroDroid & n8n!

Hello people, this is my very first creation which i am proud to share with everyone!

I don’t want to force people to watch my video, but i will strongly recommend watching the video before reading how it works!

What is it / How does this work?..
I needed a automated facebook poster / single file, to have my client post stuff about cats. My client sells expensive Sphynx cats online, and keeps an Google Sheet, for all the upcoming cats, which will be for sale.

Video demonstration:
2min, full demo video.

We already had a automation for keeping that spreadsheet synced-up with stuff like;
- WordPress
- Twitter

But facebook didn’t have a free API, or a wrapper like thing, using docker and some magic mumbo jumbo tool, which i forgot the name of.
Which is easily installable, and doesn’t break from time to time…

So i decided, to go the Android App MacroDroid route.

Only, MacroDroid can’t do this directly from the spreadsheet, and there is where this workflow comes into play!

Short functions::

  • Lists Google Spreadsheet data, as last row, for input in a list.
  • Makes the list more text like, and basic, using a parser.
  • Feeds the parsed text data in a webhook, which listens to incoming requests.
  • Works with a Android VM, and MacroDroid app installed, to call the webhook.
  • The MacroDroid app, inside the Android VM, makes the Facebook Posts.

Above is a screenshot, of my executions at the moment, inside n8n.

Here above you see a screenshot of the MacroDroid Macro, which calls n8n webhook.


And finally the above screenshots, shows my Google Spreadsheet,
every last row (the bottom row) represents, the input for the n8n workflow, webhook, it is basically a very simple API.

How is a future updated version gonna look like / be better than this version?..

The updated version, will have a second macro which shuts off the main macro, when it detects no input text in the last row, when it does, it turns on the main macro again.

Give me this workflow, and the MacroDroid Macro, for using this myself!:
Off course, i have it uploaded in a shared synology nas folder, which is accessible via;
>> This link contains, the n8n-workflow + MacroDroid Macro <<

  • You can import the MacroDroid Macro using XML, thats the XML file inside the folder.
  • Everyone here knows already how to import n8n workflows, just copy/paste the .TXT.

The password of the link / folder is: n8nforum2023

  • Password is for keeping the bots out!
  • Share it as much you like! :wink: