Facebook trigger Invalid parameter

Hi All,

My facebook trigger is giving me the following error. I amm trying to retrieve my facebook page posts, to send them to telegram. I have setup the app ID and app tokens correctly. I have also setup webhooks in my app. I suspect there is something incomplete between my app webhook setup and the facebok trigger node. See arror below;

Problem running workflow

There was a problem running the workflow:
Facebook Trigger error response [400]: Invalid parameter

Hey @Collin_Mutambo!

May I know how you’re running n8n? Can you make sure that you have the Webhook URL setup correctly?

I installed n8n in docker container on top of centos 7 VPS. In trying to setup the workflow, I added the facebook trigger, configured the credentials -which seemed fine.Under webhook urls I have selected OBJECT as page and inserted my appid in the app is section. I dont see any other parameters.

A reason for this error can be that the Webhook URL is not reachable. Firewall might be blocking it. Can you try to make a request to a Webhook URL and see if that gets processed?

My webhook url is setup using heroku and following this example https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/getting-started/webhook-setup. When I try my heroku webhook url i get a “bad request”. Perhaps I have to check this. I havent seen any alternative webhook setup without using heroku though.

You don’t have to manually set up the Webhook URL on Facebook. If the credentials, the Webhook will be registered automatically.
A quick way to test if the Webhook URL is working or not is by making a request to the URL. You can use a tool like Postman or cURL to make a request to the Webhook URL. You can find the Webhook URL in the node (see the attached image). If that gives you an error, then we know that your instance is set up properly.

Thanks for the guidance. My Facebook trigger doest have the Get and post sections as in yours under the webhook URLs section. Mine is as attached.

Oh sorry I have seen the settings…