Facebook Trigger only activates on Test Events

I have a Facebook Graph App Trigger that I want to use to be notified when new posts are made on my facebook page so I can share them on other social media automatically. Right now I have the credentials working, and it appears that the proper permissions are in place because I can successfully query the graph for posts from my page and get their messages.

However, when I run a test webhook, it can be successfully triggered from the webhook panel of the facebook developer console. When I run it again (and I’ve compared urls to make sure it’s correct), it doesn’t trigger when I make a test post on the real page. Any tips for getting this working?

I saw in the documentation that the examples were only test webhook events, and I’m wondering if it’s been tested in production.

That is a good question. I have not tested it in production, but I know (from this post) @this-gavagai and @ruccc have worked with the Facebook Trigger. Perhaps they can help.

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Debugging the Facebook side of things is often extremely frustrating, as there’s very little information to be HD about where a process is failing.

Make sure you have the most recent version of n8n, as the Facebook trigger node was recently updated to handle hook subscriptions better. Then, I’d check that the subscriptions and URL’s are all set correctly after n8n production has been activated (reload the Facebook app console).

If everything there looks right, my next guess would be to try using different subscription objects. Which objects correspond to which events isn’t always obvious or intuitive, so it’s possible the event you want to track needs a different subscription. I’ve never tried to watch posts, so I can’t say much about which subscription might be the right one.


I’m fairly certain the endpoint is correct as Feed covers any post, like, comment, share, etc. I’ll check the n8n version, although I installed it less than a week ago. It didn’t work with the test webhook, I imagine testing it in n8n production would be even less helpful.

This is the version info:
n8n ready on, port
n8n_1 | Version: 0.133.0
n8n_1 |
n8n_1 | Editor is now accessible via:

I’m running it in docker on a VM.

I did a little digging in the FB documentation. Here: Zugriffsschlüssel - Facebook Login - Dokumentation - Facebook for Developers it says that app tokens exclusively allow access to app data, and I would need a page token and user token to access user and page data. The Facebook trigger only asks for the app token, which could explain why test events work but not real events.


I had to make a special request using the page access token to install the app as described here:


Nice. Thanks for posting your solution, @roshkins :wink:

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