Failed Execution - False positive from http node executed?

Hello there,
I have strange issue on an HTTP node executed even if not triggered as you can see below.
I have no “always output” selected, it goes in error due to a missing parameter, which is right, because the node should not have been executed in this case. Indeed the input line have no data to pass.
Anyone else with the same issue? I’m running on latest stable 0.228.2

That is currently expected behavior. You can find related community posts in the following PR which will change it in the future:

Anyway, your issue can be fixed by simply removing the Merge Node and connect them directly to the node afterwards, as there is actually no Merger Node needed.


thank Jan! Actually I can have both the stream simultaneously, that’s why I used the merge node. Thanks for letting know about the future changes :+1:

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Makes sense. But even if there is data from both, it will still work, it will now just be in different runs. There are workflows/cases where that makes a difference, but most time, it does not.

Is for sure not great, is, as mentioned just a workaround. The above PR will be released with n8n v1 end of June, and then it will not be required anymore.

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