Failed to list SeaTable table

Attempting to retrieve a list of data tables from a self-hosted SeaTable service seems to be unsuccessful.

–The following is the connection configuration, which can be opened in a browser.

–Failed to list table

n8n verson: 0.236.2

Hi @shangzhw :wave:

Are you self-hosting n8n and using some kind of tunnel software, or are you behind a VPN? As you also seem to be self-hosting Seatable, is your server running and available?

I tested with a Seatable account just there and I’m able to read my database rows just fine:

If you’re running into trouble like this, you may need to contact Seatable about why an API connection to your hosted environment is timing out :see_no_evil:

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Thanks for your replay!I think it may be a problem with parameter configuration. I would like to ask the seatable team for help.


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