Fb trigger

Hey @Max_T,

I have been off for a few days, Is the app added to the page? If the test notifcation from the subscriptions in Facebook works then everything should be all good so it would more than likely be an issue on the Facebook page side which may need Facebook support to be involved.

oki will write to facebook. they will probably blame on n8n

Hey @Max_T,

That is indeed possible but if the test option is working then I would say the communication between Facebook and n8n is working fine so it is likely to be a configuration thing on the Page you are trying to get the data from.

I don’t think you ever did answer how you added your app to the page you are looking to automate but I suspect that is going to be part of it.

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The only way to add your app to your page is via a POST to the subcribed_apps edge, so if you’ve not done that yet, then that is your problem.