Fb trigger

Hey @Max_T,

I have been off for a few days, Is the app added to the page? If the test notifcation from the subscriptions in Facebook works then everything should be all good so it would more than likely be an issue on the Facebook page side which may need Facebook support to be involved.

oki will write to facebook. they will probably blame on n8n

Hey @Max_T,

That is indeed possible but if the test option is working then I would say the communication between Facebook and n8n is working fine so it is likely to be a configuration thing on the Page you are trying to get the data from.

I don’t think you ever did answer how you added your app to the page you are looking to automate but I suspect that is going to be part of it.

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The only way to add your app to your page is via a POST to the subcribed_apps edge, so if you’ve not done that yet, then that is your problem.

Could this be the reason why the trigger is not working?

"Development Mode
Apps in development mode will not receive live webhooks notifications. While an app is in development mode, only test notifications initiated through the app dashboard will be sent.

Note that development mode behavior is different for Messenger Webhooks Events. Refer to the Webhooks for Messenger document for details."

Hi @Max_T,

It could be and it is something I remember asking you about previously but I suspect it was missed.

I think I have similar problem, I can register the n8n to listen for page and listen for everything with *. I can send a test message successfully from Facebook… but nothing I do on page is send…also the app is live.

Did anybody get the FB triggers working ? I no longer know what else to check, I’m at the point the trigger in n8n subscribe to feed for page, I can send test from FB and receive it… but the FB never actually send any event from the page. I think there is a step missing on FB side…

Solved ! FFS this is so badly documented… I needed to go to api explorer and execute:

{page-id}/subscribed_apps?subscribed_fields=feed with app token. Then it finally started to work !


I’m beating my head against a wall… I have the trigger working but I am unable to run the Node Test to get the info I need to pass to subsequent nodes. I know it’s working because Twitter tweets “test text” when the Facebook Trigger is not in test mode. Any clue on how to pass the post text and image to Twitter, LinkedIn and back to another Facebook Page?

I can see the JSON, Table etc. info in the successful posts when just putting test text as the Post to Twitter. How do I format the json to post to twitter? I tried what I have in the pics and got the error listed. For whatever reason I cannot TEST the workflow and drag and drop from FB Trigger Schema to the Twitter node.

Hey @chop249,

Is Facebook trigger the bode before the X node? You would normally use $json.x if the value was coming from the direct input but looking at the red expression error I suspect there is another node between them.

@Jon Yes Facebook is the node directly before the X node. I’m having issues with testing the Facebook node and being able to press “stop listening” or the stop box. I have to refresh the page. Thinking my compose install is botched. Trying a fresh install with the compose in GitHub but that one keeps throwing postgres unhealthy so I can’t even test an alternate. Telegram is having the same issue with testing and that one is giving me 404s when I test the webhook urls. I do have it testing or active as appropriate to the webhook when it is failing.

Hey @chop249,

Sounds like there are different issues there, For this one can you share the workflow you are using and the json output of the facebook trigger node and we can test that.

I suspect postgres being unhealthy is going to be an issue with the database itself but I think you asked about that on Discord yesterday and might be further along in that process. With Telegram if you are using a trigger node make sure you have webhook_url correctly set as it won’t work if the url is localhost still.

Hi @Jon, Yes I have the health issue sorted, I’ll post about Telegram in a new thread. Facebook is here. I have noticed that if I use the instance via the LAN IP 192.168.xx.xxx:5678 I can start and stop the listening but not when I use my FQDN. I can start the listening for the test but not stop it. Ideas? I’ll run a facebook test later on today to see if I can pick up the test and pass the parameters later today. For now here is the workflow.

I was able to pull the data correctly using the LAN IP during a test so I’m ok there now. Is there a way to convert the linked image from Facebook into an image I can share to X and LinkedIn? They are showing the message and the link currently. Looks like :poop: doing it that way. Tried to incorporate @MutedJam 's post here but no luck: Tweet image - media type unrecognised - #2 by MutedJam