Fb trigger

Does fb trigger inform about new post on fb page? How does this trigger work? does it run cyclically every now and then or is it triggered by information about the appearance of a new post?

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Hi @Max_T,
n8n’s Facebook Trigger node is using facebook’s graph-api webbhooks internally. You can subscribe to a page’s feed field, if you want to be notified about Posts or shares. I haven’t used it myself but facebook’s graph-api webhooks should execute as soon as (or shortly after) changes are made.

access token and app secret are needed. So I have to do an application on the fb side, I think right? what type of application will it be?

Hi @Max_T,
did you try following instructions found here? Facebook App - n8n Documentation

I think I have all the information (token, id app, id secret) but it returned an error.

Bad request - please check your parameters

I did according to what they wrote there, but something does not work, the trigger cannot connect

What information are you sending to Facebook? It sounds like it is not happy with something.

authorization token, id app and secret app

Where do you see bad request?

I have running applications n8n on my computer

At what stage of your workflow do you see the error message is it on the trigger when executing or in the credential?

how wants to activate workflow

Does your app in Facebook have access to the page and does Facebook give any indication as to what the issue might be?

it is possible that my application has access to resources other than those needed for automation. I do not know how to check it, anyway there is no information on the fb application side.

Are you using a user token or a page token?

When you see the error message is there a field to show more details as well, I was just playing with it and had the same error and it told me what mistake I had made.

access token app secret app id what the module wanted

Do you get the little show details link on your error?


If you do what do you see when you click it?

Facebook Trigger: (#15) This method must be called with an app access_token.

does it mean that these elements are missing user token or a page token ?