Feature: getflow app integration [GOT CREATED]

Hi Guys, this is promising project,
I would like to request the getflow app integration : https://developer.getflow.com/api/#tasks
Thank you,

would like to request as well

Hey guys @arysom @plSln welcome to the community. So cool you like the project. Can you please elaborate more on the use case you are interested in? Thanks


in our case:

  • add tickets to getflow
  • edit tickets (status, assignee)
  • add comments

we would need a trigger for getflow as well when:

  • ticket added
  • ticket edited (status, assignee)
  • comment added


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Hey, @plSln @arysom Flow node and trigger are done, you will be notified when is released so that you can use it.


very great! can we already test it on a fork or something? :slight_smile:

@plSln Actually good timing. Just merged it a few minutes ago. Is now in master. Will try to release a new n8n version with the integration from @RicardoE105 today.

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wtf, you guys are too fast, amazing!

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I am sadly not so fast (hopefully again soon) but @RicardoE105 definitely is.

[email protected] with the getflow integration got released.

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sorry for offtopic: do you guys have patreon? :slight_smile:

Not yet, thought about maybe adding it in the future.