Fetching all SMS Received by Twilio

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I am able to send away the messages from Twilio Node but not able to fetch the SMS received by Twilio.

What is the error message (if any)?

There is no error, but I need a flow to capture all the sms received by Twilio and store them in Postgresql.

Please share your workflow

Please suggest the flow how I can achieve this requirement?

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It doesn’t look like our node has an option to get received messages from Twilio, I took a quick look at their API docs and it looks like you would need to create a webhook for Twilio to post the message to. It might just be a case of adding a webhook node to your workflow and providing Twilio with the URL and that could be it but hopefully the information in the docs below will help.

@Jon Thank you for the reply.
Is it possible for you to provide some sample workflow how to get this things done. It would be really helpful.


I don’t really have an example for that, I would start by adding a webhook node then point Twilio at it to see if that works.

Hi @Jon ,

I am trying to get response from Twilio in my Webhook node but not able to do that. Not sure if there is any issue with the parameter settings in Webhook node. Could you please help me with this?


What error are you seeing when you try and test it?

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