Filter by formula (AIRTABLE Node)

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I’m testing some flows with Airtable for n8n.
With the node for listing one table, there is a filtering option.
I succeed in apply the filter based in one fix value with this code as result:

      "parameters": {
        "operation": "list",
        "application": "apppkvlBwhgmqejGQ",
        "table": "tbl9aoeBJfsClkH5p",
        "additionalOptions": {
          "fields": [],
          "filterByFormula": "AND({ID}='099'"

But what I wanted to do is applying one filter dynamically using for filtering the value that is on the output of a previous node.

I tried to search on the Airtable API documentation but there is nothing different that what I now to do.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Information on your n8n setup

  • n8n docker on Synology NAS:

Just answer myself… :smile: