Filter contacts by custom field in Active Campaign

I am using Node ActiveCampaign and would like to get contacts that have a specific value from a custom field. I tried several things and to no avail.

I tried using search more without success.

Does anyone ever manage to do this?

Hi @Edson_Rodrigues, I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. I just took a look at the respective API documentation from ActiveCampaign and they don’t seem to offer a way to filter results by custom fields. So n8n would not be able to send such a search request to ActiveCampaign either I am afraid.

I am not familiar with ActiveCampaign, but seeing the node offers an option to filter by List ID, are you perhaps able to add the contacts in question to a specific list through Active Campaign? You would then be able to fetch the Contacts from that list through n8n.

Hello @MutedJam
Thanks for the help, really this is the filter you don’t have in the API.

I got another alternative so I don’t need to use this filter.
But thanks anyway.


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