Filter does not search all of the json output

Hello, im making a filter to show only the deal of the person ive searched and found, when i try to use a filter that will only show the deal of the correspond person_id it appears to only search the first result of the Get All Deals!, in the image i show that that deal exists! why??

the person and their id:

the deal on the list of deals!

n8n will, by default look up items with the same item index. As one node has 768 items and the other node only one, will it return only for the very first the number as you expect and for all other ones undefined. For that reason will all be filtered out.

We already have built new functionality (pairedItem), which uses a different syntax. If that one gets used, it would work as you expected. We have planned to change the created expressions (when drag&drop gets used) soon to that new syntax. In the meantime, you can already write it yourself.

So instead of:

{{ $node['Pipedrive - Procura Person'] }}

you would have to use:

{{ $('Pipedrive - Procura Person') }}


$node['Pipedrive - Procura Person'].json => $('Pipedrive - Procura Person').item.json

It worked!!! I used like this:

Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Glad to hear. Have fun!

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