Filter error Notion get many node

I have this error when a use the get many database pages node with a filter :

is it a bug ? Or am I doing something wrong ?

Thank you

Hi @sssamsss8 :wave: I’m not too sure what’s happening here, can you share your full workflow so we can take a more in-depth look? But it does look like there’s something that isn’t getting the data that it should through an expression, by the error :thinking:

The workflow was very simple :

I’m on n8n cloud 1.8.2

My workaround was to get all the pages in the Notion database and then I put a Code Node to filter the items (pages) directly with Javascript code. It works this way. But still, it looks like the filtering directly in the get many node did not work.

Hi @sssamsss8 :wave: Did a little bit of testing - I think the | character in your filter/table is what’s causing this error. Once I removed it after creating that column and filtering for it, I was able to filter the results correctly.

I’m not too sure if this is expected, so I’ll go ahead and let our developers know this is happening :bowing_man:

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If I remove de | it is no longer possible to filter on the property I wanted. Maybe it is because this property is a “formula” property in Notion ??
Just guessing …

That might be the case - I’m not sure of another workaround for the moment, but I’ve let our development team know about this, and I’ll ping you back with any updates when I have them :bowing_man:


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