Filter out duplicate tweets

n8n noob here. I love the flexibility and simplicity of n8n.

My set up is CRON hourly -> Twitter -> Function Item -> Discord

What is the best way for n8n to “remember” that a tweet had been sent to Discord before, so that I do not send the same duplicate tweets over and over again?

thank you very much

Probably saving last tweet id sent to discourse.
If a new tweet id is greater than last one, send it again and save new tweet Id.

Thank you.

What’s the easiest way to save the ID in n8n?

Check method getWorkflowStaticData(type) at

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Yup, as @Miquel_Colomer mentioned, that would be the way to go. So, that would be a combination of a trigger node (like Cron), a node for a service (like Twitter), and a Function node (to save the IDs and check if a tweet is new).

@harshil1712 recently wrote a tutorial about it: :slight_smile: