Final End Node

I have a very complex ETL workflow that runs many nodes, resulting in about 10 nodes, ending the overall workflow, but at different times. I want to add a “final” node, that will execute once these 10 are ALL done. The only way I can thing of right now, is to use the Merge node type.

  • Is this the best approach?
  • Would I have to include multiple Merge nodes, or can I use only 1, and have all 10 nodes input to that?

I have tested the following:

  • Single Merge node, with all 10 processing nodes as inputs - does not work

  • Multiple merge nodes (i.e. 10 into 5 merges, that 5 into 3 merges, etc, ect) - this works correctly

But, I’m hoping there is a “cleaner” way of doing this?

There is sadly currently no other solution than the multiple merge node as you described.

Thanks, @jan! It’s messy, but it gets the job done!